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The leadership of the positive contagion


The more the leader pushes,
the more resistance he creates

The Old Paradigm

The leader is the one who knows and decides. He is the expert of his team and imposes his point of view. He is focused on the tasks to be accomplished rather than on the meaning of the tasks.
Teams work in silos.
Everyone is focused on their own expertise.


The Positive Contagion® Spiral induces a paradigm shift, transforming the leader into a Meaningful Leader and each employee into a Positive Contagion® vector.

The New Paradigm

The leader secures the framework, cultivates cooperation, validates decisions and ensures the coherence of all logical levels in each action taken (Sense/Process/Content).
The teams cooperate towards a common goal.
Everyone is in his or her essence and 100% responsible.

The Positive Contagion Spiral is not just words, it is a real life-changing experience. Manymore has put us in a positive dynamic with intelligent coaching, the results of which have been uplifting for all of us and have enabled the team to emerge stronger. We are already planning the next sessions to continue The Positive Contagion Spiral.

Benoît Domercq - General Director - AGC - Halio Europe

3 Options

to discover and implement the Positive Contagion Spiral


70% of a team's productivity depends on the relationships between its members.

And it is the leader who holds the keys to this.... or not


90% of our choices are unconscious and yet they determine the productivity of teams.

Get to know yourself in order to spread the Positive Contagion...


100% of our actions are vectors of Contagion.

Come and discover the power of the Spiral

The aim of our work is to help organisations grow by providing them with the keys to a paradigm shift.

The implementation of the Positive Contagion Spiral is mainly inspired by the work of Will Schutz (Human Element), Michael White (Narrative Approach), Eric Bern (Transactional Analysis), Jacques Antoine Malarewicz (Systemic Approach)...

Our team of certified coaches will ensure that the implementation is as simple as it is effective. Without endangering the leader, the teams or the organisation.

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