Simon Cohn

An experienced consultant capable of bridging the gap between "hard and soft", between strategy and implementation, between business and people.

Specialised in change management, post-merger integration, organisational change implementation, strategic HR and personal and team development management.

Simon Cohn has been a consultant with Adam Selection & Recruitment (1991-1994), Lotem Organizational Development (1995-1996) and McKinsey (1999-2003), Deputy Managing Director of PASS (2003-2005) and has been an independent consultant since 2003.

His rigorous and human approach contributes to producing a real and lasting impact, both from a business and human point of view. He adapts to the specific needs of his clients, be they small or large, depending on the nature and scope of the project.

He is also an advisor to several companies and start-ups, working with CEOs and management committees on issues related to strategy, governance, organisation and change management.

His main assets are his ability to listen, his structuring, his creativity and his experience.

In his approach, he always strives to connect to the individual behind the function.

Simon is also active in non-profit organisations, in the education of his three children and in several entrepreneurial projects. He sees himself as a pragmatic idealist.

With dual Belgian and Israeli nationality, Simon obtained a Master's degree in Organizational Behavior (Tel Aviv Management Faculty), he has a degree in psychology and Middle Eastern history (Tel Aviv University).

Simon speaks French, English, Dutch and Hebrew.

Some examples of interventions

Lunch Garden: Transformation (2017 – 2019)

After returning to profitability between 2010 and 2017, Lunch Garden decided to relaunch its growth by diversifying its offer, particularly within hospitals and museums in Belgium. The challenge was to transform an (aging) team accustomed to reproducing systems and methods in a military manner into an agile team capable of inventing and implementing new concepts (while continuing to ensure the profitability of the existing system). Simon Cohn's role was to structure the transformation approach, identify the projects, coach the key players and ensure the implementation of the projects. The main levers of change were the implementation of a project management structure, the definition and sharing of a new vision, organizational changes, workshops and training for employees and communication moments.

Burger Brands Belgium (Quick et Burger King Belgique et Luxembourg) : Transformation post acquisition (2016-2018)

QSR had purchased Quick Belux from Groupe Bertrand and the Master Franchise Belux from Burger King Corporate and created Burger Brands Belgium. The project consisted in transforming Burger Brands Belgium into an independent company managing two brands in parallel. Simon Cohn's role was to structure and coordinate the transformation, monitor the various projects, coach the leaders (as individuals and as teams), create a new corporate culture and guarantee the good governance (decision-making process and reports to the various bodies) to achieve the company's objectives.

VOO : Tansformation “? @ VOO” (2011-2016)

VOO was a project based on several entities from different cultures (former monopolistic intermunicipal companies, BeTV, WBCC, etc.). The first mission was to define a vision and values ​​for VOO and to create a common identity for all employees. The second part consisted in developing strong leaders able to carry out the transformation of VOO in order to achieve its vision. Simon Cohn's role was to structure and steer the transformation through training, HR tools (e.g. evaluation system), CoDevelopment groups or even reinforced internal communication.

SNCB Technics: “BeLean” transformation - increased productivity (2011-2014)

The Technics department of SNCB (~6000 employees) has decided to launch a major transformation plan in order to increase productivity while defining new values ​​and strengthening the corporate culture. The plan was inspired by the "Lean" methodology covering 4 key dimensions, operations, management systems, behaviors & attitudes by putting the customer at the center. Simon Cohn was part of the design and project management team, responsible for the “Behaviour & Attitudes” as well as the management and training of consultants (about thirty).

La Poste Plan RH (2000-2001) et Géoroute (2002-2003) 
La Poste called on McKinsey to define a 5-year strategic plan in the context of the liberalization of mail distribution. Simon Cohn, then consultant at Mc Kinsey was responsible for developing the HR part.

Its role was to define and monitor the processes and rules for awarding rounds, communication with social partners, the reorganization of all post offices and the training and monitoring of HR managers in the field.

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