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Optimise your productivity with the Positive Contagion Spiral

Change is not an easy journey and unfortunately many fail. Numerous analyses strongly emphasise that Communication, Culture and Involvement of employees have a strong impact on the success and productivity of projects implemented in the company.

To meet these requirements Manymore has developed a simple and comprehensive process, focused on the Sense of Change, where everyone can position themselves as a leader in their actions and therefore as a vector for success.

Implementing the Positive Contagion Spiral® throughout the organisation facilitates support for change and development rather than creating fear and reluctance, or even sabotage.

I want to create a Positive Spiral of Contagion

The Positive Contagion Spiral is not just words, it is a real life-changing experience. Manymore has put us in a positive dynamic with intelligent coaching, the results of which have been uplifting for all of us and have enabled the team to emerge stronger. We are already planning the next sessions to continue The Positive Contagion Spiral.

Benoît Domercq - General Director - AGC - Halio Europe

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