Discover the Positive Contagion Spiral ©.

And unlock the power of individual leadership to optimize the growth and productivity of the entire organization

Our formulas

We offer 3 formulas to discover and implement the Positive Contagion Spiral?


70% of a team's productivity depends on the relationship between its members. And it is the leader who holds the keys... or not.

Training courses

90% of our choices are unconscious and yet they determine the productivity of our teams. Get to know yourself to convey the Positive Contagion.

The Conferences

100% of our actions are vectors of Contagion. Come and discover the power of the Spiral.

The more the leader pushes, the more resistance he creates

Old Paradigm

The Positive Contagion® Spiral induces a paradigm shift, transforming the leader into a Meaningful Leader and each employee into a Positive Contagion® vector.

New Paradigm

Our goal

The goal of our work is to help organizations grow by providing them with the keys to a paradigm shift.

The implementation of the Positive Contagion Spiral is mainly inspired by the work of Will Schutz (Human Element), Michael White (Narrative Approach), Eric Bern (Transactional Analysis), Jacques Antoine Malarewicz (Systemic Approach)...

Our team of certified coaches ensures that the implementation is as simple as it is effective. Without endangering the leader, the teams and the organization.

Founder of Manymore

Patrick Stichelmans

His varied experiences have allowed him to develop a capacity for empathy with many situations encountered by leaders and management teams on the one hand, but also by men and women in the field on the other.

He is also recognized for his ability to form alliances with high-level management, both locally and internationally, and for his impressive ability to listen, which fosters trust and the speed with which teams can be put into action.

Our clients testify

Thank you Patrick for sharing all his teachings with such faith and passion. Our openness and our choices can only progress after such a journey. I look forward to sharing again with you and all those who have participated in this beautiful adventure.

Laurent T.

Thank you for these praises, however, it is important to emphasize that without you three, these leaders would not be born. I would like to thank you Patrick but also Sonia and Laetitia. Thanks to these comrades/colleagues for sharing their experience and contributing to the positive contagion.

Ömer U.

Thank you Patrick for what seems to be common sense as long as it is in this sense. Except that in my field, we have an additional constraint... The need for a degree. The search for meaning then takes on its full meaning. Best regards.

Isabelle dlC.

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