Trainings Leader of Positive Contagion

Become a Positive Contagion Leader in your organisation

Manymore’s Positive Contagion Leadership training is a personal development journey to transform your leadership into the main driver of Positive Contagion in your team, your organisation and in your life.

Designed in 2 phases, this programme will allow you to :

Phase 1: How to be a Positive Contagion Leader for yourself?
Phase 2: How to become a Positive Contagion Leader for others?

Our approach is based on and enriched by the work of Will Schutz which is founded on 3 pillars:


Choice and Self-Determination
Openness and Truth
Understanding our behaviours and feelings

Our tariff formulas

Phase 1

Self-employed :
1,350 € excl. vat

Companies with more than 10 employees :
1,800 € excl. vat

Phase 2

Self-employed persons :
1,050 € excl. vat

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