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Get a new lease on life

Implicit Career Search® is an internationally recognised approach developed in Canada in 1987 by Steve Miller under the name Implicit Career Search® (ICS).
The approach enables each participant, through a process of awareness of his or her functioning and resources, to clearly understand his or her situation and initiate the process of regaining his or her capacity to act.

This course lasts 5 days (4+1) and allows you to

clarify your professional future with meaning and satisfaction
start an independent activity by clarifying your project
returning to the labour market by making the best use of your ideas and talents
move to a new position
revitalise your professional life inside or outside your company
strive to turn your departure at the end of a contract or career into an opportunity.

Our tariff formulas

Persons with personal finance :
990 € TTC

Self-employed, liberal profession, business – 10 employees :
Coverage by the company + 10 employees or OPCO (France) :
1980 € HT

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