Patrick Stichelmans

His wide-ranging experience allows him to combine the most recognized and effective Executive/Organizational Coaching training with extensive experience gained in highly competitive business sectors.

Former CEO of the Belgian-Luxembourg branch of an international advertising agency, he initiated and accompanied the change of the entire organization to enable it to return to double-digit growth but also to embrace the new possibilities offered by the emergence of the internet at the time.

For more than 11 years, he has accompanied organizations, teams and leaders in their organizational and cultural change projects.

His varied experiences (he was notably the best salesman on the East Coast of the United States) have allowed him to develop an ability to empathize with many situations encountered by leaders and management teams on the one hand, but also by men and women in the field on the other.

He is also recognized for his ability to form alliances with high-level management, both locally and internationally, and for his impressive ability to listen, which fosters trust and the speed with which teams can be put into action.

Patrick speaks French, Dutch and English.

Some examples of interventions

AGC - Halio : Halio is a young start-up that is growing and becoming more complex. This project is a very important issue for its main shareholder AGC. Manymore accompanied in a first phase the team of the Management Committee with as main objective the clarification of a shared vision. In a second phase and after presentation to the group's HR president, Manymore was asked to implement the Positive Contagion SpiralÒ throughout the organization with a support plan at all levels.

VOO: Development and deployment of the corporate Vision. Accompanying the change in the type of leadership. Development of the leadership path for all managers. Elaboration of the new charter of values and management principles.

APB: Supporting the Board of Directors in the development and deployment of the Vision Pharmaciens 3.0. Change management for the computerization of the customer file "Mon Pharmacien de référence".

SEB: From a hierarchical culture to the Positive Contagion Spiral. Accompanying the change of culture and organizational processes. Empowerment of all actors. Establishment of a constructivist governance.

CIRB: Support to the Executive Committee. Elaboration of a managerial path to encourage the implementation of the new culture of cooperation.

[PIAS] : Change management during the digitalization of the music market. Accompanied the Board in setting up a united and efficient team. Development and deployment of the new Vision to all managers. Conflict management and mediation.

Eurocontrol: Coaching of the leader of a management team for a more adequate leadership mode. Team building with his management team for a more cooperative mode. Elaboration and deployment of the new Vision and processes among all employees.

BPI: Moving from a culture of expert leader to Positive Contagion Leader. Development and implementation of the entire deployment plan. From executive coaching to team and Head Of development. Implementation of a constructivist governance. Development of inter-departmental transversality / facilitation of the process of sharing diagnoses and building a shared vision for the future / support for the transformation steering committee.

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