Philippe Julie

With more than 20 years of experience in coaching private and public organizations, he works on the positive transformation of individuals and teams. His approach aims at establishing a cooperation guided by meaning, relational quality, openness and enthusiasm.

Initially a project manager, he climbed the corporate ladder to become a department manager, then partner and manager of a firm specializing in communication, facilitation and participatory techniques.

His career has also led him to intervene in human and technological crisis situations.

A certified C&T coach, he is also involved in the field of new forms of support in the professional environment. He has developed coaching methods in agile mode, remote, on demand. These methods aim to promote access to the helping relationship in a world that is thrifty in terms of time, financial and carbon resources.

To really move forward - to get excited - to get out of the discomfort: this is what his clients come for.

He likes short, impactful, decisive formats.

Philippe is known for :

  • to shed light on the multiple facets of a situation
  • to make interpersonal relations and cooperation more fluid
  • Trigger binding decisions

Philippe speaks French.

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