Jérôme Curnier

His long experience in coaching makes him an expert in the process of accompanying individuals, teams and organizations. He passionately shares his knowledge through his conferences and training programs. 

Founder of the maïeutis institute, coach, teacher, supervisor, speaker and author, he offers supervision groups for coaches and workshops for deepening and specializing in professional support. He is the author of the "Global Coaching" collection (this collection will eventually include ten volumes, the first five of which have already been published). A graduate of a business school followed by an MBA, he spent fifteen years in the IT industry (publishers and IT services companies), including four years in the USA.

He then gradually turned to supporting change in individuals, teams and organizations by profoundly reconfiguring his professional identity.

In 2002, he became an associate consultant, then in early 2006, after having written the coaching course of V. Lenhardt (Coach & Team Network) for three years, he created the maïeutis institute, a research institute in Collective Intelligence and development of coaching pedagogies.

Some examples of interventions

MNT: Jérôme accompanies (since Jan 2019) the HRD of the Mutuelle Nationale des Territoire during monthly supervision days on the theme "Teaming up within the HR department to accompany and endorse change". The many mergers and reorganizations that have taken place in the life of MNT have left their mark on the staff. Even if the General Management considers that the reorganization has come to an end, the transformation of the personnel is not as clear or completed as one might think. Many projects remain unfinished, and the HR department is responsible (implicitly, even though it has not been mandated to do so) for closing the comet tails of the company's transformation. In particular, it must continue the formalization of roles and positions, organizational management, identification of personnel to be developed, etc.

Michelin : Since 2018 : He is one of the ten or so coaches referenced by Michelin to support the company's 80 high potentials as part of the cultural transformation that Michelin has undertaken.

In 2017: He supported the creation of an HR team in charge of coordinating the integration of people joining the group (from welcome, trial period, start-up) and "Talent development" (group management, group support).

VOLVO: More than seven years supervisor of internal coaches at Volvo-Renault Trucks (2005 - 2012) and then three years supervisor of internal coaches at STMicroelectronics (2014 - 2017).

Renault Trucks: In 2015, Jérôme conducted an HR audit at the Renault Trucks plant in Bourg En Bresse following the expression of employee dissatisfaction after the reorganization of the plant. This audit led to the implementation of coaching for the main managers on the assembly line and co-development days for the different managerial lines.

TNT: Coaching of the training manager of TNT Transport following the takeover of the company by Federal Express. Coaching for the new position, managerial reinforcement and points of vigilance to be taken into account regarding the cultural change of the management model.

Signarama: Accompaniment of the two leaders in the management of the evolution of their company and in the follow-up of the franchisees. Three themes: Self-knowledge and the art of communication, the adjustment and strengthening of the managerial identity of the leaders, the project and the perspectives of the company, its vision, the future of the associates, the way to project oneself...

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